3 card poker

The game of three card poker is a fun version of the poker game that involves two pursuits within the same game. As its name suggests, this game involves creating hands of three cards. This is a simple game to play but as is the case with any casino game, it is preferable to gain an insight to 3 card poker, before placing money on the table. Understanding the rules and learning how to play the 3 card poker game is important in order to present a player with the best possible opportunity for success.

Players need to acquaint themselves with two separate games within the game of 3 card poker. These 2 games are known as pairplus and ante and play.

Bets may be played on either one or both of these games. Please note that when betting on both games, the amount of the wagers placed may be different. In this game, players compete against the dealer or the casino and not against other players.

Pairplus 3 Card Poker Bonus

The pairplus part of the 3 card poker games rests entirely on luck. The player receives three cards and in order for the player to earn a win, the dealt cards need to produce a pair or better.

Ante and Play In Three Card Poker

After a wager is made on the ante, three cards are dealt. After seeing the cards, the player needs to choose whether to fold the hand at this point or to carry on.

If a player decides to fold, then the ante wager is lost. Players should note that if a player folds here, any winnings from the pairplus game will be lost. A player that decides to proceed then places an additional bet on play and competes against the dealer.

The player’s aim is to create a stronger three card poker hand than the dealer’s. In this game there are different possible winning hands to a 5 card poker game due to the limited number of cards. The hand rankings for this game from highest to lowest are as follows:

Straight flush
Three of a kind
High card

There is a condition in this game that the dealer’s hand must fulfill in order to qualify as the dealer’s hand needs to contain a queen or higher.

If there is no queen or higher in the dealer’s hand, then the player earns a win on the ante bet and receives the play bet back.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies and the player obtains a stronger hand, the player will win on both ante and play bets.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies and wins, then the player loses both wagers.

Should the game produce a tie, both bets are pushed on to the next game.