Antes and Blinds

Antes and blinds are important elements of the poker game. Both antes and blinds may be considered as forced bets in the game of poker. These forced bets were introduced as a part of the game to start off the pot, to make the game more exciting and also probably to convince players to stay in the game longer rather than folding.

An ante bet can usually be found in a poker stud game, whereas a blind can usually be found in community card versions of poker, such as Texas Hold’Em.

Both these types of forced bets are used to place money in the pot before cards are even dealt. Players of Internet poker may note that usually one of these types of bets is an aspect of the online game.

Although blinds and ante bets are not usually found together in the same poker game, antes can also sometimes be found in addition to blinds at the later stages of poker tournaments.


A blind can be explained as a forced bet that seeds the pot at the beginning of the poker game. This takes place before any cards are dealt. Blinds are determined by the position of the player at the table. In most cases, this involves the player or players at the left of the dealer. The first player pays the small blind and the second player plays the big blind. The amount of the small blind is calculated at half of the minimum bet and the big blind is the size of the minimum bet.

The blind itself operates as a sort of credit after the first cards have been dealt and at the time of the first betting round. This means that the money that has been posted by the player as a blind is a credit for the amount that a player needs to play as a first call.

The players that place the blind bets have an effect of the running of the game. The one that places the small blind acts first before the flop and later on acts last.

The positioning of the blinds is therefore important in the game of poker as this dictates which player needs to begin and end the round of betting.


An ante bet is also placed at a poker game before the cards are dealt. However this type of bet is placed by all the players that are participating in the game. All players place the same amount of funds or chips into the pot.

An important point to note with regards to an ante bet in poker is that a player that folds, forfeits the ante bet.