Bankroll Management

Poker bankroll management is a term that means playing poker within your budget. New poker players often make the worst mistake of all: playing outside of their bankroll. Using sensible bankroll management techniques is one of the best ways to win in poker.

Losing streaks can still happen to you when you are a professional, conventional or online poker player who use good bankroll management skills. Most seasoned poker players will tell you that these losing streaks can last anything from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.

During a losing streak, consider dropping down your limit when your bankroll no longer justifies the poker stakes you’re playing with. It’s not really a big deal; just play less or bet less and then build yourself back up when you start another great winning streak. Don’t be too stubborn and lose it all because you refuse to go down a limit.

Poker bankroll management is essential if you want to keep playing poker in the long run. When you go through a period of losing money, bankroll management will keep you from going broke.

You have probably heard of the standard five hundred big bet rule for limit poker games and forty buy-in rule for no limit poker cash games, poker tournaments, and sit and goes. While these rules are great starting points, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for proper poker bankroll management. To start off, no two people should use the same bankroll management equations, you must define your own comfort points and start from there.

Your poker bankroll is the total amount of money you have made available for poker. It’s important to look at it as a whole, it does not matter if you have five grand spread across five poker games or just 5,000 dollars in one. You should also always know precisely what your poker bankroll is because this will define what stakes you are comfortable with. You can even be more precise by charting your bankroll on a daily basis.

Now, if you do not have a specific poker bankroll, then make sure to immediately create one! If you are serious about playing poker and not losing your money, you need to manage your poker bankroll on a daily or weekly basis (depending on how often you play).

A simple method for beginner poker bankroll management is five hundred big bets for limited cash games and forty full buy-ins for no limit cash poker games and tournaments. A big bet in limit is the larger number when the stakes are listed, which is normally twice the big blind. A buy-in is either hundred times the big blind in NL games or the tournament entry fee.

Now, don’t make the common mistake of never dropping down in stakes. Don’t start with five hundred big bets and just continue playing until you run out of money. It’s really crucial to rather drop down a limit when your poker bankroll is not big enough. And don’t worry, you can always get that cash back and move up again at a later stage!