How to Play Omaha

Omaha poker is an exciting version of poker that involves the use of community cards. In some ways, this game has similar elements to the game of Texas Hold’Em, but is also different in certain aspects. As is the case with any type of poker, it is worthwhile taking a look at how to play Omaha poker before playing for real.

In the game of Omaha poker, players need to create a poker hand of 5 cards from a precise number of hole cards and community cards.

Play Omaha

Basic Omaha Rules for Beginners

• The Omaha poker game begins with the placing of blinds that are forced bets. These bets are made by the two players on the left of the dealer and this takes place before any cards are dealt.

• Four hole cards are then dealt to each participating player.

• The first round of betting then begins starting with the player on the left of those that placed the blinds. Players may choose to call, raise or fold.

• The next round of betting takes place

• The time has now arrived for the flop, at which 3 community cards are dealt.
• An additional round of betting takes place however now players have seen more of the possible card alternatives.

• At what is referred to as the turn, a fourth community card is shown.

• An additional betting round then takes place.

• The River stage brings with it the game’s fifth and last community card that is shown for all players to see.

• There is a final betting round before the Omaha poker showdown takes place, when the players’ cards are revealed.

Omaha Poker 5 Card Hand

The aim of this game is to create the best possible 5 card poker hand out of the 9 available cards. However, it should be noted that there are restrictions regarding which particular cards may be used. The restriction in creating a 5 card poker hand in this game is that the player is obligated to use two out of the four dealt hole cards combined with three out of the five community cards. There is no limit to which cards are used from the hole or out of the community cards, but players must keep to the limit of exactly two hole cards and exactly three community cards, when creating a hand.

Omaha poker is a popular version of the online poker game and can be found at many online poker rooms and gaming sites. Omaha poker can be a very exciting pursuit and is not a difficult game to learn. It is worthwhile checking out rules for the game and learning how to play Omaha poker before placing bets for real money.