Sit N Gos Provide Good Cash Return for the Money

Do you have free time, but don’t have quite enough for an intense multi-table tournament? It’s time to switch back to Sit & Go tournaments, where you can walk away with a lot more than what you bought in for. There are also budget friendly tournaments where you can buy in for a very small amount. These will help you really manage your gameplay, so don’t ignore them just yet. Work your way up to the bigger tables so you have time to practice against a lot of different opponents.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You’re probably not even convinced that you should waste your time with S&G’s. We think that the ability to sit down and basically have a tournament on your own schedule is pretty cool. You don’t have to wait for the big ones to start up, hoping that they’ll fit into your schedule. If you’re thinking about the other poker aspects, all of this will eventually blend together well enough.

Sit & Go tournaments

The game starts when the table is full, and you can do a 9 set or a 5 set. Playing against 9 other people for a prolonged amount of time is pretty intense. You’ll be able to develop a persona very quickly, and people will fight to secure their positions as time passes.

What’s the strategy for most of the tournament? Tight play. This means that you need to fold a lot of hands, because you’re bound to get plenty of marginal ones. Once people start dropping from the table, you get to loosen up and play some more risky hands, provided that you’re in poker position.

All in plays at the beginning are not a good idea, despite many players doing this anyway. It’s better to look at the table as a place to grow over time, rather than capturing fast wins. Yes, there are players that go AI on the first hand. There are even more players that will match this silliness. You should fold, even if you’ve already been swept into one of the blinds. The money that you miss out on will place in comparison to what you can get later.

The last three players on the board present an interesting problem. If it’s you and two other people…congrats! You made it to the final 3, which means that you will walk away with money. Knocking the other player out to give you 1 on 1 play can be difficult but it’s all about forcing them to act. Sooner or later they’re going to play a hand that really isn’t high quality, giving you room to strike them down.

These are the basics behind sit and go tournament plays. Make sure that you study these tips well before your first tournament. It’s not enough to just study, of course; we want you out there playing as well! Get into the game and see what you can win.